Fit to Print

“We have a real crisis in this country over not having the kind of journalism that a nation needs.”


Fit to Print is a 2017 feature-length documentary that chronicles the demise of watchdog reporting in newspapers. The film examines the decades-long crisis in the U.S. newspaper industry and its impact on investigative reporting. The film includes interviews with reporters and publishers from several major newspapers and television networks including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. Written and directed by Adam Chadwick. 

The film received positive responses from The Huffington Post, POLITICO (scroll down) and other publications, and is on Amazon.

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Nancy Wolfe, founder of Wherewolfe Productions, served as Executive Producer on Fit To Print. She also shot, edited and produced the sound on the film.


stills and quote from the film

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