What happens when a massive nuclear weapons plant closes in your neighborhood? ROCKY FLATS is the story of a Colorado community as it faces-off against big government over the toxic legacy of the Cold War.

Scattered around the United States, and unknown to most Americans, hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste lie buried under former nuclear plants or sit in temporary storage sites. How is this toxic legacy of the Cold War impacting our environment, our health and our communities? This film travels to Rocky Flats in Colorado where an ongoing story of the Cold War dramatically unfolds—and stands to reveal the truths of one of the major environmental stories of our time.

* * *

Wherewolfe Productions is proud to announce that ROCKY FLATS was selected for “fiscal sponsorship” by Women Make Movies, an organization that champions women filmmakers and their stories. To make a tax-deductible contribution, you may donate to the project via our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies.

Nancy Wolfe is the writer, director and producer of this film.